Brothers of the coasts



The Golden Age of Pirates

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So....Let the Plunderin' begin!!!!

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Who are the Brothers of the Coasts

Captain: William Leclere

Quartermaster: Bill Stebbins

Yeoman: Michael Taber

Our crew members come from all parts of Florida, from Key West to Jacksonville, Atlanta Ga. and throughout the Carolina’s -- over 100 pirates in all.

Where the Brother of the Coasts have performed....

Searles Raid (St. Augustine)
Drakes Raid (St. Augustine)
Pirates in Paradise (Key West)
Sail America, Tall Ships (Clearwater Fl)
Blackbeard Festival (Beaufort N.C.)
Blackbeard Festival (Hampton N.C.)
Georgetown S.C.
Tybee Island Lighthouse Festival
Sail Jacksonville

The Brothers of the Coasts is a band of pirates home ported out of North Florida who sail up and down the Atlantic Coast from
Beaufort N.C. to Key West, including Jacksonville, Fernandina Beach and Saint Augustine.

We have also been known to haunt the waters of Tampa Bay and the Caribbean Islands in
pursuit of Gold, Spices and other valuable cargo.

Having performed in History Channel and A&E movies, our mission is to preserve history, teach and entertain communities about the founding of this great country and provide a visual of the day to day lifestyle of our fore-fathers......The trials and tribulations that were encountered from 1550 - 1700.

Brothers of the Coasts falls within the Florida history time line from the the discovery of St. Augustine by Pedro Menendez de Aviles up to the Civil War.

Our interpretation of the Golden Age of Pirates is not based on any specific historical event. It is meant to provide a loose interpretation of the romantic side of the pirate trade as uncovered from studies of specific Pirate Captains who sailed the U.S. Atlantic coast.

We cover the time periods of 1586 Sir Francis Drake's Raid (40 ships) of St. Augustine, 1668 Robert Searle's Raid (3 ships) of St. Augustine (both historical re-enactments) and Golden Age
of Pirates (Pirates of the Caribbean) for all non historical events.